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AR-15 Auto Counter

Speed Shot

SpeedShot™ Performance & Training Systems AR-15 M-16 Display Counter KIT with 2 Followers.

This system will help yourself improve your speed and reaction time in both sport and defensive situations. Radetec's advanced patent-pending electronic grip with embedded control pads give the exact amount of rounds left in the magazine. USER WARNING: the counting system only displays the rounds in the magazine and DOES NOT INDICATE IF THERE IS A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER. Basic firearm safety still applies. Basically the SPEEDSHOT grip senses the follower position in the magazine. Through measurement the system determines the correct amount of rounds in the magazine. The follower which is specific to trigger the sensor can be installed in any 10-20-30 round production magazine (will not fit Troy Battlemag or similar). The follower fits standard GI issued  magazines. The system will record the shots fired but will not register the rounds remaining until there are 12 rounds left in the magazine. As the remaining rounds reaches  4 rounds left a red light will flash and the shot counter will display rounds left until 0 (with the exception of the chambered round).

• Microprocessor Programmed assist grip also serves as a
  gripping point

• Manual activation pad: The correct round count will display
   for a few seconds when pushed / activated

• Digital Display  

• Auto display intensity light sensor (i.e. .bright in the day ,
   dim at night)     

• Automatic light intensity adjusting          

• Wireless RF connection from the grip to the display

• Unlimited display mounting possibilities

• Cumulative Shot fired counter: Display Activation Events

• Display Duration time: will show the rounds left after each
   shot fired

• 5 year battery life

• Operating temp -4F-110F

• 5 year Limited Warranty

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