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1911 45 Auto Counter

Speed Shot

1911 Colt 45 Automatic Display Counter (TWO 7rd ACT Mags Included)

The SpeedShot™ 45 Colt Automatic followers are installed as part of the ACT magazine. The followers are  NOT compatible with CMG / Chip  McCormick / Chuck McCormick or Tripp Research magazines. If your 45 is custom built or tuned to fit the above magazines you cannot use the followers in them with the grip setup. The included ACT mags may or may not ramp the rounds correctly, keep the slide open on the last round or similar issue. It depends on the height of the ACT mag when it is locked in and how your 45 was tuned to fit the custom mags.

Replacement grips with TWO 7 round ACT magazines are included. They are easy to install  with a full factory 5 year warranty and support. Radetec is a USA based company in Pennsylvania manufacturing safety and training systems.
Weapon operator WARNING and CAUTION: the counting system only displays the rounds in the magazine and DOES NOT INDICATE IF THERE IS A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER.

This system will help yourself improve your speed and reaction time in both sport and defensive situations. Radetec's advanced patent-pending electronic grip with embedded control pads give the exact amount of rounds left in the magazine.

The grip senses the follower position in the magazine. The rounds are displayed as the pistol is fired or the user can recall the rounds in the magazine by pushing the momentary switch.

• Microprocessor Programmed Grips

• Manual activation pad: The correct round count will display for a few seconds when pushed / activated

• Digital Display       

• Automatic light intensity adjusting          

• Reset switch (internal side of the grip for the 45 model)

• Cumulative Shot fired counter: Display Activation Events

• Display Duration time: will show the rounds left after each shot fired

• 5 year battery life

• Operating temp -4°F to +110°F

• 10.5 year Limited Warranty

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